We warmly welcome you to our guesthouse and wish you a pleasant stay.

  1. Na terenie obiektu „Bałtyk Resort” obowiązuje zakaz palenia. Stwierdzenie niezastosowania się do niniejszego zakazu skutkuje naliczeniem kary finansowej 600zł.
    Opłata za usuwanie zapachu z papierosów, powstałego na skutek niestosowania się do zakazu palenia w pokoju wynosi 600 zł i ponosi ją Klient.
  2. Rooms are rented for days. The hotel day starts at 15.00 and ends at 11.00.
  3. When renting a room, the guest determines the duration of his stay. In the absence of such a specification, it is assumed that the room has been rented for one day.
  4. Reservation conditions should be agreed by phone or by e-mail / fax, and then make the prepayment within the agreed period and send the payment confirmation.
  5. Reservations are considered invalid in the absence of prepayment after the agreed date.
  6. Payments for the booked stay as well as determination of the boarding option should be made upon check-in on the first day of stay.
  7. During the summer season, it is possible to pay by card (2% commission)
  8. In case of cancellation later than 60 days before the date of arrival - the down payment is not refundable.
  9. In the event of early resignation, the advance payment may be used within 1 year from the date of resignation at the premises of "Baltic Resort" and "Karkonoski" for services offered in the above objects.
  10. Extending the stay beyond the period agreed on the day of arrival should be reported at the reception. The request to extend the stay does not bind the "Baltic Resort" facility and can be fulfilled as far as possible.
  11. "Baltic Resort" provides room cleaning and towel change every three days.
  12. "Baltic Resort" is obliged to immediately respond to comments and reservations regarding the level of services, operation of devices, cleanliness and order in the facility. Please report comments and reservations to the facility manager or at the reception.
  13. Due to the fire protection requirements, it is not allowed to use any devices or apparatuses supplied with electricity in the rooms, which are not part of the equipment of these rooms.
  14. After 22.00 no visitors to our guests are allowed in the "Baltic Resort" facility.
  15. The curfew is valid at 22:00 to 6:00 am.
  16. When leaving the "Baltic Resort" facility, the key to the room door, after closing it, should be left at the reception.
  17. Parents of young children are required to have waterproof mats to protect the mattress (on which the children sleep) from getting wet and dirty, otherwise they cover the costs of damage.
  18. The guest is financially responsible for any damage or destruction of equipment and technical devices caused by his fault or the fault of guests visiting him.
  19. Buffet breakfast is served from 8:00 to 10:00 in the restaurant, and dinner from 16:00 to 18:00 in the restaurant (drinks additionally payable), consumption - only in the restaurant. ( Sandwiches and take-away food will be charged to the room )
  20. "Baltic Resort" does not charge for TV.
  21. Wireless Internet access is free of charge for guests of "Baltic Resort". Login and password are available at the reception. Before using, please read the network regulations.


  1. Gość zostanie obciążony 50% całkowitej ceny rezerwacji w przypadku odwołania rezerwacji po dokonaniu rezerwacji i całkowitą ceną rezerwacji w przypadku odwołania rezerwacji w ciągu 30 dni przed przyjazdem.
  2. Reklamacje prosimy zgłaszać pocztą elektroniczną na adres:, termin rozpatrzenia do 14 dni roboczych.
  3. Rozliczenia transakcji kartą kredytową i e-przelewem przeprowadzane są za pośrednictwem Przelewy24.

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We also invite you to the "Karkonoski SPA" in Karpacz
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